Research in HIV Intervention: Skills for the Community (RHISC) is a four-year fellowship program funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). RHISC consisted of three annual 6-week research career and skill development Summer Institutes, taught by highly experienced researchers in the field, and four years of year-round mentoring. Fellows worked with mentors from RHISC as well as from their home institution.

Our RHISC Fellows are early career academic faculty and advanced degree professional health and service providers from the greater NYC metropolitan area. Fellows entered the program with clearly-defined research objectives and career goals, along with the support of an individual from their home institution serving as their mentor. During RHISC Summer Institutes, Fellows refined proposals for pilot research, implemented these projects, and planned research careers. They are now executing grant and manuscript authorships fulfilling these plans.

The RHISC Virtual Conference represents the work they have completed at the conclusion of this program.

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